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around 20 images, taken 2015-2018

Do you know what a Long Exposure is?

How long it could take?

One minute? One hour? One year perhaps?

Does time actually exist in a long exposure and doesn't everything happen at the same time within a photography?

Will it be visible, if the room changes?

Will strangers overlap each other to form and to appear as a Ghost together?

I built 8x10'' pinhole cameras, using a black and white negative to capture interiors of for me appealing places.

For some of the ghost cams I built a kind of a timer, allowing only certain hours of exposure time each day. The timers are analog watches, instead of the hour hand the have a wheel which turns once a day and only gives the pinhole free for exposure to the time which I had adjusted it to.

The exposure time is from one day to one whole year.

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