If you too wish to become a part of my art series „the sleep of the beloved - part 2“ and purchase a fine art print of your night, please tell me a little bit about yourself and about the beloved one(s) you would like to share the night with in my sleeping installation.

Along with a picture and phone number please.

I will then get back to you and send you more detailed information, some possible dates and

possible sizes & prices of fine art prints.

General info:

My studio is in Vienna.

The bed, Ø of 220cm (87inch), with the black bed sheets is in a separate room of my studio.

The exposure time or the "Photo shoot" takes the whole night.

A gentle shine of electric christmas candles, mounted at the ceiling is the light source.

The trigger for the camera is not inside the room, at no time at all during the night I need to go inside.

The room has a bathroom and the heating can be set as warm as you feel comfortable.

Yes, it is possible to go to the bathroom during the night. These movements are so quick, they are not visible on the image.

The whole project is built on trust:

The sleep is perhaps the most vulnerable moment in one's life. I am grateful that so many people allow me to photograph it.

Before using the image for my artwork and publications, I send it via email to the participants and wait for their consent.

If, for any reason they do not agree that I use the image (so far this has only happened twice in over 100 images now), I won't use it.

The exclusive sleep of the beloved:

Setting up the sleeping installation at a place of your choice and taking your exclusive image there.

Whether somewhere in nature in the mountains or at the seaside or at your home,

the only limits there are, are those in our minds.

all images © by Paul Maria Schneggenburger

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